110 Amazing Things I Love About Myself

110 Amazing Things I Love About Myself

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The path to self-love has become a cornerstone of my healing journey. While not an easy trek, it’s a simple yet profound realization that acknowledging the features, qualities, and experiences that make me uniquely myself is essential for a fulfilling and happy life. Sometimes, it might feel peculiar or uncomfortable to list the things I love about myself; however, this exercise is a powerful reminder that I possess a blend of strengths and unique quirks that contribute positively to my relationships and the broader world around me.

Self-discovery and introspection have allowed me to uncover aspects of my mind, body, heart, and soul that I sincerely appreciate. This process isn’t about vanity or self-indulgence; it’s about recognizing my value and nurturing a positive self-image. As I reflect on the things I love about myself, I realize that this internal appreciation spills over into all aspects of my life, improving my interactions, bolstering my confidence and self-worth, and pooling in contentment from authentic self-expression.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognizing personal qualities fosters a positive self-image.
  • Self-love enhances interactions and emotional resilience.
  • Acceptance of oneself enriches life satisfaction.

How to Find Things to Love About Yourself

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While on a journey of self-discovery and self-appreciation, you’ll likely find this a transformative experience. The key to this journey is introspection and acknowledging your valuable attributes. Here’s a guide, based on my own experiences, to facilitate the process:

  • Reflection: I spend time alone reflecting on my experiences, achievements, and the challenges I’ve overcome.
  • Positive Attributes: I list my positive traits, such as kindness, creativity, and determination.
  • Acknowledging Accomplishments: Whether big or small, I celebrate my accomplishments, whether I’m completing a school project or learning something new.
  • Feedback from Friends: I ask trusted friends what they admire about me. Sometimes, they notice beautiful things that I might overlook.
  • Engage in Joyful Activities: I identify what I am passionate about by engaging in activities that bring me joy. These passions often reflect unique aspects of who I am.


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Self-love involves recognizing the unique attributes of our minds. Let’s explore the mental traits that contribute to my sense of self-worth.

Positive Mindset and Resilience

Maintaining a positive mindset can be challenging when navigating day-to-day stressors or past experiences of trauma but reframing my mindset from “I have to do this” to “I get to do this” has changed my mind in an insurmountable way. Although I face anxiety and stressors, I can confidently navigate murky waters if I choose to focus on love.

What I love about my mind and resilience

  • The way I bounce back from setbacks
  • My commitment to caring for myself and my mental health
  • My belief in my ability to overcome obstacles
  • My ability to adapt
  • My unwavering belief in my ability to figure it out (whatever ‘it’ is)
  • How I maintain a sense of perspective
  • My dedication to personal development
  • How I practice self-compassion and forgiveness
  • My ability to navigate uncertainty with resilience
  • My willingness to take ownership of my actions and their consequences
  • The way I hold myself accountable to my values and principles, even when it’s challenging
  • The way I actively seek to understand my strengths, weaknesses, and areas for growth

Intellectual Curiosity and Continuous Learning

My intellectual curiosity keeps my mind active and continuously expanding. I love learning new things, whether researching a new topic or attending a new class. I am constantly learning, enriching my knowledge base, and staying engaged and excited about life’s endless possibilities.

What I love about my curiosity and continuous learning

  • My insatiable thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the world
  • The way I approach every situation with an open mind and a willingness to learn
  • The way I use setbacks as opportunities to learn about myself and grow stronger
  • My curiosity-driven approach to problem-solving, always exploring new solutions and approaches
  • The way I challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and explore unfamiliar territory
  • My tendency to ask probing questions and seek deeper understanding in conversations and discussions
  • My commitment to staying humble and recognizing that there is always more to learn
  • My ability to find beauty and fascination in even the most mundane or obscure subjects
  • How I embrace curiosity as a driving force in my life, leading me to new discoveries and insights every day
  • My ability to synthesize complex information and communicate it effectively to others
  • My propensity to seek out and engage with challenging material that pushes the boundaries of my understanding
  • The way I engage in reflective practice, regularly reviewing and analyzing my learning journey to identify areas for improvement

Ability to Overcome Challenges

Life has taught me that my ability to overcome challenges is one of my most valuable mental traits. Embracing this skill means understanding that I can handle tough situations with grace. I come up with solutions, learn from the experience, and come out stronger. This ability shows my inner strength and adaptability.

What I love about my ability to overcome challenges

  • My ability to overcome any challenge with confidence
  • My self-awareness in understanding my strengths and weaknesses
  • My communication skills to articulate problems and solutions effectively
  • My initiative to take proactive steps to prevent or mitigate challenges
  • My critical thinking in analyzing situations to find the best way forward
  • My resourcefulness in using what I have to overcome difficulties
  • My creativity in finding solutions to complex problems


Physical Strength and Health

Regular exercise and proper nutrition have helped me build strength and resilience against daily stress.

What I love about my physical strength and health

  • My healthy eating habits that nourish my body
  • My agility to quickly change direction and respond to stimuli
  • My mental clarity that comes from regular physical exercise
  • My sense of physical empowerment and confidence in my body’s abilities

Unique Physical Features I Embrace

My body is adorned with features that are uniquely mine. The freckles scattered across my body tell stories of days spent in the sun, and my wavy hair defies gravity in a way that never ceases to entertain me. I find beauty in these traits that set me apart.

What I love about my unique physical features

  • The beauty marks that dot my skin, each one a unique part of me
  • My expressive eyes that can communicate so much without words
  • The unique way my body moves reflects my individuality
  • The unique shade of my eyes that captures light in a particular way
  • My expressive hands that tell stories through gestures
  • The freckles on my body that remind me of sunny adventures
  • The way my eyes light up when I talk about something I’m passionate about
  • My unique voice that is instantly recognizable and distinctly mine

Appreciation for My Body’s Capabilities

I am constantly amazed by what my body can achieve. Healing from injuries taught me patience and strength; experiences such as dancing or hiking remind me to be grateful for my mobility and coordination. Every stretch, every movement, is a celebration of life.

What I love about my body’s capabilities

  • The remarkable ability of my body to heal itself
  • The immune system that protects me from illnesses
  • The sensory skills that let me fully experience the world
  • The balance that helps me stay steady and grounded
  • The agility that enables me to react quickly and efficiently
  • The support my body provides for my daily routines and hobbies
  • The way my body adapts to different environments and temperatures


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When I discover what I love about myself, my heart stands out for its capacity for kindness and deep emotional understanding.

Compassion Towards Others

I truly value my ability to extend compassion to others. This is reflected in the way I actively show up for friends, family, and strangers when they’re in distress, always reminding them that they’re not alone.

What I love about my compassion towards others

  • The kindness I extend to everyone I meet, regardless of their background or circumstances
  • The empathy I show by truly understanding and sharing in the feelings of others
  • The respect I give to others’ perspectives and experiences, even when they differ from my own
  • The efforts I make to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone
  • The commitment I have to making the world a better place through small, compassionate actions
  • The willingness to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves
  • The compassion I show in providing a safe space for others to express their feelings

Empathy and Understanding

My empathy allows me to connect with people on a meaningful level. When someone shares their story, I can feel with them, often recalling similar emotions I’ve experienced. I take pride in my empathy, which is at the top of the many things I love about myself.

What I love about my empathy and understanding

  • The deep empathy I feel for others allows me to understand their emotions truly
  • The sensitivity I show to the unspoken needs and feelings of those around me
  • The compassion I feel for others’ hardships and challenges
  • The ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes and see things from their viewpoint
  • The dedication I have to improve my empathy and understanding skills continuously

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

I’m proud of my ability to recognize and manage my emotions. My self-awareness helps me stay balanced and navigate life’s challenges gracefully.

What I love about my emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • The growth I experience by challenging my emotional comfort zones
  • The peace I feel by understanding and accepting my emotions
  • The courage I display in facing and addressing my emotions
  • The honesty I maintain with myself about my feelings
  • The emotional intelligence I use to navigate social situations effectively
  • The dedication I have to emotional growth and development
  • The vulnerability I show by expressing my true feelings
  • The authenticity I bring to my interactions by being true to my emotions
  • The effort I put into understanding the root causes of my emotions
  • The way I continually seek to understand and improve my emotional responses


My essence goes beyond the surface, rooted in unwavering integrity, spiritual beliefs, and tranquility cultivated through mindfulness.

Personal Values and Integrity

My values are my compass, guiding my actions and keeping me grounded in truth. I pride myself on my commitment to honesty and refusal to compromise on what I know is right. These principles are non-negotiable and a source of immense self-respect for me.

What I love about my personal values and integrity

  • The integrity I show by always doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult
  • The courage I have to stand up for what I believe in
  • The accountability I take for my actions and decisions
  • The humility I practice by acknowledging my mistakes and learning from them
  • The authenticity I bring to all my relationships
  • The empathy I show by understanding and respecting the values of others
  • The way I nurture my integrity through lifelong learning and reflection

Spiritual Connection or Beliefs

Spirituality involves engaging in an intimate dance with the mysteries of the universe. It’s less about rituals and more about feeling a profound connection to life and its boundless possibilities. Whatever form it takes, my faith fuels my optimism and strengthens me.

What I love about my spiritual connection and beliefs

  • The connection I feel to something greater than myself
  • The joy I experience in moments of spiritual insight or connection
  • The way I seek to understand and respect the spiritual beliefs of others
  • The humility I practice, recognizing the vastness of the spiritual universe

Inner Peace and Mindfulness Practices

Remember: Cultivating inner peace is a daily practice inviting serenity amidst chaos. I dedicate time each day for mindfulness, whether through meditative breathing or simply enjoying a moment of silence. Through these practices, I have honed the ability to listen to my heart’s whispers clearly.

What I love about my inner peace and mindfulness practices

  • The calm I experience by staying present in the moment
  • The clarity I gain from regular mindfulness and reflection
  • The joy I find in simple, mindful moments
  • The way I ground myself through mindful body scans and awareness
  • The peace I feel when I let go of past regrets and future worries
  • The awareness I bring to my body and senses through mindfulness


My achievements mark my journey of triumph and growth. Each accomplishment, whether big or small, speaks to my relentless drive and unwavering dedication. They testify to my ability to push past obstacles and seize opportunities with determination. Each achievement fuels my belief in my capabilities and strengthens my resolve to pursue even greater goals.

What I love about my achievements

  • The personal goals I’ve achieved through perseverance and effort
  • The milestones in my education, such as earning degrees and certifications
  • The personal challenges I’ve overcome, showing my resilience and strength
  • The meaningful relationships I’ve built and maintained over the years
  • The awards and accolades I’ve received in recognition of my efforts
  • The personal satisfaction I feel from knowing I’ve done my best
  • The innovative ideas I’ve contributed to collaborative projects
  • The resilience I’ve shown in the face of setbacks and challenges
  • The robust and supportive network of friends and family I’ve cultivated


My life revolves around nurturing relationships built on love, trust, and shared experiences. The warmth and support I receive from connecting with family and friends are the pillars of my life. These bonds provide comfort in tough times and magnify moments of joy. They reveal the deep impact of human connections and inspire me to cherish and cultivate these relationships with mindfulness and appreciation.

What I love about my relationships

  • The unwavering loyalty I show to those I care about
  • The shared experiences and memories I create with friends and family
  • The ability to forgive and move forward, strengthening my relationships
  • The ability to recognize and celebrate the unique qualities of each person I know
  • The friendships and networks I build that foster a supportive environment
  • The awareness and advocacy I promote for critical social issues
  • The kindness and generosity I show to strangers and acquaintances alike
  • The genuine interest I take in others’ well-being and happiness
  • The active listening skills I practice, making others feel valued
  • The openness and vulnerability I show, encouraging others to do the same
  • The effort I put into maintaining and strengthening relationships
  • The ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences

Final Thoughts

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In this article, I’ve shared many things I love about myself. These reflect my growth and the self-love I’ve cultivated over time.

Recap of Key Points

  • I acknowledge my resilience in the face of challenges, embracing every hurdle as an opportunity for growth.
  • My creativity and ability to find solutions keep me inspired and excited about future possibilities.
  • Kindness is a trait I hold dear; it’s the warmth I wish to spread in every interaction.

Encouragement for Readers to Reflect on Their Self-Love Journey

  • I invite you to explore your attributes and achievements. You may be great at managing time or have a unique talent.
  • Consider the moments that make you proud of yourself. It could be as simple as your daily routine or a significant life milestone.
  • Jot down “110 things I love about myself,” as I did in this post.

Closing Statement on the Ongoing Process of Self-Discovery and Appreciation

  • I recognize that self-love is an evolving process. It’s not about perfection but appreciating who I am while aspiring to grow.
  • This journey is continuous, and each day offers a new chance to learn more about and love myself deeply.

About The Author

Taylor O’Horo, Marketing Specialist, Biofeedback Technician, BA in Psychology.

Hi! I am Taylor O’Horo, marketing specialist, biofeedback technician, and administrative assistant. I am a mom to three kiddos – a first responder wife and Veteran spouse. I recently earned my bachelor’s in psychology from Arizona State University and plan to earn my master’s in counseling. Everyone has a story, and I am no different. Overcoming the adversities, I’ve experienced has helped me to learn more about resilience and how to be there for others. I believe all humans can heal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-reflection helps me understand and appreciate my unique qualities. Here are some questions I frequently ponder to deepen my self-love that serve as a reminder of the things I love about myself.

What are some unique qualities that make you appreciate yourself?

I appreciate my creativity and empathy. Innovation and connecting with others bring me great fulfillment.

How can you identify your personal strengths and talents?

I regularly engage in new activities and reflect on which ones come naturally to me, revealing strengths like my analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Can you share a few accomplishments or traits you’re most proud of?

I’m proud of completing my education and consistently being someone my friends can rely on for support and advice.

What self-care habits help you maintain a positive self-image?

Regular exercise and meditation keep me balanced, boosting my self-assurance and overall positivity about my image.

How does reflecting on your achievements boost your self-esteem?

Acknowledging my past successes, such as project completions or acts of kindness, reinforces my belief in my abilities and worth.

In what ways do you show kindness and love toward yourself?

I make time for my hobbies and allow myself to rest without guilt, affirming that self-compassion is a priority in my life.

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